My music has been my companion for such a long time. It’s been my outlet, my love and my voice. Through the ups and downs, the curly bends and home straights, my music has been with me the whole way.

I moved around a lot when I was growing up and I suppose this is when I started my love affair with my guitar. Some may say that moving around so much at a young age is unsettling, but I think it gave me the strength and courage to walk my own path early on.

In a world of uncertainties I knew I could always pick up my guitar and get lost in my music. It allowed me time out from wondering what next and gave me an emotional outlet. It made me feel good.

When I finished school the choice was easy, I just picked up my guitar and left. I felt like I’d done my time and now I was going to choose which way now. I travelled north and ended up at Airlie Beach where I met a wonderful woman who offered me a job on a yacht. I love the ocean I continued to gig and play my music.

“My inspiration coming like a wave
Crashing over my head now
As I catch my breath and dive
Deep beneath the ocean so blue”
Which Way Now, Gypsy Blood

When I look back those days were fun but they were also hard, however I don’t regret a thing. I believe every moment shapes who we are and we learn from our experience.

Do you regret or respect your past? It sometimes can be a hard call – would love to hear from you.

Sue-Anne xo