Canadian Music Week has definitely been a huge highlight for me so far this year. It was amazing to be a part of this internationally renown event held in Toronto, Canada. There are bands and artists from all over the globe performing for a week, and not only was it awesome to gig at but I also scored an interview with AU review!

You’ll hear a bit of noise in the background as they caught me hanging out at the infamous ‘Aussie BBQ’, which was held on the last day. This year there were 28 Australian artists, including You Am I and Mia Dyson, + many more all together at one venue – The Horseshoe Tavern. The buzz in the air was pretty electric and we all had a great time hanging out together. Hope you enjoy and if you ever get the chance you have to go and check it out…


Featured artist in the international Global Music Rumble on BalconyTV. The competition involves music aired on BalconyTV from 55 cities all around the world, up for judging by you. I love being a part of and listen to music being played from all corners of the globe – Mumbai to Budapest to the Sunshine Coast!

The Bundaberg News Mail,

RECEIVING a guitar as a present from her father as a young girl changed the course of Sue-Anne Stewart’s life. As a teenager living in sleepy AgnesWater on a farm with no electricity, she spent most of her time jamming and writing original songs. At the age of 19 she made the move to Maroochydore on the SunshineCoast, with the aim of meeting like-minded artistic people and beginning her career as a musician in more upbeat surroundings.

“I had a lot of artistic people around me,” Sue-Anne said. Since then she has been travelling Australia and the world in search of her musical dream. With regular gigs atCoolum’s SolBar and Mooloolaba’s Zachary’s, the former Gladstone girl has drawn quite a fan base in the Sunshine Coast music scene. In 2003 she toured Canada for four months with fellow Aussie band Oka, which she said was an amazing experience… read more

The Gladstone Observer

PERFORMING on her home turf always gives singer-songwriter Sue- Anne a lift. And it showed when she took the stage at the 1770 Festival at the weekend for two memorable performances as thousands of  people flocked to the annual event throughout the day. Born in Gladstone, Sue-Anne’s father owns a farmat Lowmead, and the accomplished

folk singer and guitarist makes the pilgrimage back to the area as often as she can… read more

Style Magazine

THE FIRST thing I notice about Sue-Anne Stewart is her eyes. They are the colour of opals, in milky shades of blue and green. With her tanned skin and sun-bleached hair, she has natural good looks that would cause promoters to rub their hands with glee. Her eyes reveal more than good looks, though. They are the eyes of a soul searcher… someone driven by her heart. Born in Gladstone, Sue-Anne’s early years were spent moving up and down the Queensland coast as her stepfather followed work building roads. “I went to 13 schools growing up,” she reflects. “There were lots of things I hated about it, but when I look back on my childhood, I think I was pretty lucky, really… we went to some amazing places.”..  Read more of part 1

At 19, Sue-Anne arrived on the Sunshine Coast with her guitar and a dream. She immersed herself in what she felt was  vibrant music scene, surrounded herself with talented musicians, and started performing to audiences. Like most  musicians, Sue-Anne had day jobs to pay the bills, but deep down, she dreamed of making music for a living. Then, in 2000, she was standing in the crowd at the Bluesfest at Byron Bay, watching Ben Harper perform, and suddenly she had a moment of clarity…. Read more of part 2